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Tonewheel Mods and upgrades

Trek II Restoration kits and upgrade modifications for your classic Hammond tonewheel organ

Restoration system for AO28 preamp

A premium product designed to provide technicians with the means to restore like-new operation to aging AO-28 pre-amps which are used in classic Hammond® A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100 and RT-3 organs.

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Preamp fuse protection kit

Installs four fuses inside the preamp of a Hammond A-100, B-3, C-3, D-100 or RT-3.

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Active crossover

Allows older two channel Leslie speakers like the 710 and 720 to function as single channel cabinets making them much easier to utilize with a wide variety of instruments.

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Line output box

Allows standard Hammond consoles to be connected via a 1/4" output jack to an external amplification system.

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Reverberation unit

For use in most standard Hammond consoles. Uses a full size three spring Accutronics delay line for a natural reverb sound. Designed specifically to interface with vacuum tube circuitry of Hammond tone wheel consoles.

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String Bass unit

Provides 25 notes of deep rich bass with sustain and pluck effect. Installs in standard consoles utilizing the existing pedal switch contacts.

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Solid State preamp

Replaces pre-amps used in most standard Hammond tone wheel consoles. Carefully designed to faithfully reproduce the response of the original tube pre-amp when it was new.

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Percusion unit

Adds the famous B-3 type percussion sound to pre-B-3 consoles. Mounts in place of the upper left hand end block.

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Combo Pre-Amp

Allows most single channel Leslie speakers to be driven by your portable organ, guitar, synthesizer or mixer. Two 1/4" phone jack inputs, one for high level signals, one for low level signals.

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Instrument Effects Loop

Adds an INSTRUMENT LEVEL effects loop to allow the use of guitar pedal type effects devices on either the upper or lower manual of many Hammond organ models. Two units can be used for an effects loop on each manual.

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Tremolo switch

Mounts in place of the lower left hand end block on standard Hammond consoles. Allows convenient rocker switch control of the tremolo function.

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Amplifier with Auxiliary channels

Provides 2 additional amplifier channels and a separate enclosure with input jacks, output jacks and level controls.

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